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Read What's New...

More Photos Please!

I enjoyed reading the basic archery steps. I learned many items I never considered. But I would prefer to see photos of each step or even video.

Continue reading "More Photos Please!"

Great Information

Thanks to your information, my wife was able to select a suitable beginner bow, and has been enjoying learning. Her first shots were at a target in

Continue reading "Great Information"

Very Helpful

I am new to the idea of archery and plan to join a club as a beginner in the near future. I love working with wood and I have always wanted to build bows,

Continue reading "Very Helpful"

Great Site

Just getting into archery, and because of the overwhelming number of parts involved it was quite daunting. This site has helped simplify it with well

Continue reading "Great Site"

Brilliant Beginner Guide

I learned more here than on my beginners course. Please find the time to complete this resource. Thanks in advance

Continue reading "Brilliant Beginner Guide"

Tom Pletcher

I was told that by switching over to a left dominate bow I would be able to eliminate the random shots I was always getting. So I made the switch. I'm

Continue reading "Tom Pletcher"

Future Archer

Love the tips you have here and I'm looking forward to putting them into practice once I get my bow finished.

Continue reading "Future Archer"

The bow,

I am not getting this. If I am, right hand dominant, but, have a dominant left eye, am I drawing the arrow back with my left or right hand?

Continue reading "The bow,"


My height and my arm span are identical (5'10).

Continue reading "Interesting!"

Great test!!

This is a great test and I had not realized before that one eye or the other would effect my aim.

Continue reading "Great test!!"

Adult Woman With Average Strength For Compound Bows

Hello, in your Recommended Proper Draw Weight charts you list a draw weight of 16-26 pounds for an adult woman under Beginner Recurve Bows but you do not

Continue reading "Adult Woman With Average Strength For Compound Bows"

Muito obrigado ....Thank you from Brazil

It is quite difficult to find so simple and useful information all together... So finally I'll have my proper bow coming. based on your tips my right

Continue reading "Muito obrigado ....Thank you from Brazil"

Cross Dominance Conundrum

Hi, I am a 24 year old male, and I used to shoot when I was younger, but stopped after I became a long distance runner. I am strongly right handed but

Continue reading "Cross Dominance Conundrum "

Hunting Recurve Bow Question

Hello - I was looking into a Hoyt hunting recurve bow. They only come in two sizes, 60 and 62 for overall bow length. I have a 26.4 draw length so according

Continue reading "Hunting Recurve Bow Question"

Different Recurves Size Length

Dear all, I'm interested in trying out archery, and more specifically with the Recurve bow. This for indoors target archery, with eventually some competition

Continue reading "Different Recurves Size Length"



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