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Basic Archery
Step 8 - Aim and Expand


On this page you will learn about Aim and Expand step which is the eighth basic archery step of the shot sequence.


In this step you will learn how to aim the arrow while remaining focused on your overall shooting form.

While you do not actually expand during this phase, it does mark the end of the major drawing and setup motions and serves as a check point before starting the actual expansion.

Let's get started...

Before you begin this step you should check the following...

Is your anchor position correct and hand pressed firmly against the side of your face?

You should be holding the full draw weight of the bow at the anchor position.

Basic Archery Step 8: Aim and Expand

  1. From the Transfer and Hold step begin the aiming process by looking down the shaft of the arrow and placing the point on the target.

  2. Pause for a couple of seconds to re-focus on your overall form.

    1. Your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet, your hips should be over your knees and feet, lower back should be flat and chest down. Check that your grip is not tight (relax the grip fingers) and make certain your bow arm elbow is rotated.

  3. Carefully sight up the bowstring and line it up with the center of the bow limbs.

Coach's Corner

It is common for the archer to put too much emphasis on the actual aiming of the arrow during this process.

Re-focus your attention and make a quick assessment of your overall form or posture.

You should be holding the bulk of the draw weight with your back muscles.

It is better to focus more on your overall form once the arrow is on the point of aim as opposed to focusing on the actual aiming process.

If you are a beginner or advanced archer and you are looking for a personal instructor, coach or trainer you can contact me directly.

What is the next basic archery step?

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