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Determine Your Proper Archery Equipment
For Optimum Performance


Determining and selecting proper archery equipment can be confusing for anyone who is new to the sport of archery.

Experienced archers who want to upgrade archery equipment become frustrated with the endless internet search for useful information only to find out there is not any place to go.


Starting in 2008 the archery community experienced an explosive interest in the sport shortly after the summer Olympics.

In 2012 after the release of the Hunger Games and the 2012 Olympics, hundreds of thousands of new archery fans flooded onto the scene.

But still the question remained, where do we go to find up-to-date information for modern day archery equipment?

Who is helping the new enthusiast get started and what are the experts saying about selecting proper archery equipment?

Well, I will tell you...

The real secret of choosing proper archery equipment is - nobody is talking about it!

Until now that is!

On this page we are going to show you exactly what you need to know and why it is so important to understand the process of selecting your own equipment.

Is it complicated or overwhelming to learn how to determine your proper archery equipment?

Absolutely not and it only takes a few minutes.

The steps to determine your proper archery equipment are simple.

At Learn-Archery.com we will show you how to:

...and much more!

Are you uncertain if you should start learning with a compound bow or a recurve bow?

We have a complete guide that offers advice and suggestions that will help you make a solid choice.

When you have decided on a compound bow or a recurve bow we will help you understand everything you need to know about archery arrows.

The Archery Arrows page [coming soon] - will walk you through all the steps to selecting the best arrow for your specific bow and setup.


How do I choose the proper archery equipment?

For too many years I had searched for a trustworthy place to send people where they could find reliable information to help them select proper archery equipment but I kept coming up empty handed.

I was wasting my time and it soon became evident that somebody needed to create a single source for archery information that is relevant, up to date, and easy to understand for everyone.

The search is over!

Learn-Archery.com is your one-stop source for all things archery.

So, why is it that NOBODY is talking about the process of selecting proper archery equipment?

The truth is if you travel back in the time-machine, before the internet, there were a couple of useful archery books that helped the new archery enthusiast understand the equipment selection process.

That information is now antiquated because the archery equipment has become relics of the past.

For example...

In the last 10 years cam design has advanced to the point that even the low end compound bows are shooting arrows at speeds never imagined.

The Olympic Recurve Bow has been modernized with the latest technology in materials.

Advanced engineering has maximized the performance of the modern bow and new manufacturing processes have allowed this new high-tech equipment to become more readily available even for those on a meager budget.

It is amazing to me that the archery industry has grown so much yet there is very little useful information available at your finger tips...until now.


Why all the fuss about selecting proper archery equipment?

The bottom line...if you do not select the proper archery equipment that fits you specifically, your archery experience will be less than rewarding, painful and an expensive loss.

Today, there is no excuse for not being a well educated consumer and modern archery is no exception.

If you choose to let someone do the thinking for you and you show up at the archery shop uninformed and unprepared then you are at the mercy of the salesman and you will be grossly limited in your selection.

What do you mean by a limited selection?

First - Every one of the Sporting Goods Outlets, dealers and archery shops are regulated by territories.

The manufacturers of big name brand archery equipment only allow their product to be sold by an individual outlet within a region.

Test it!

The next time you walk into any archery shop or sporting goods store that sells archery equipment you will quickly recognize what brands they are allowed to sell.

Unfortunately this scenario breeds a false sense of brand loyalty.

Why is this important to me?

Because it limits your ability to compare and shop for the bow that fits you best.

Let me share a brief story about my own archery experience with you...

For years I had to travel a great distance to multiple locations to see the latest bow models. My destination was predetermined by the shops that carried the brand I was interested in.

Upon arrival I would inform the shop owner or salesman that I was trying to compare different brands to see which I liked better and the reaction was always the same.

The salesman immediately launches a full-blown attack sighting reasons why I should or should not purchase one brand over the other.

On some occasions the shop attendant was so desperate to make a sale that they would say what ever it took to persuade me to purchase what they where selling.

Back in the 80's when my knowledge was limited to recurve bows and I knew little about a compound bow and I fell for what ever the salesman pitched to me.

I was uninformed and put too much faith in the salesman.

After all, he was "The Pro".

My lack of knowledge lead me to purchase archery equipment that was only useful for collecting dust bunnies.

Frankly, I am embarrassed for the purchases I had made but even more embarrassed for the so called Pro-Shop owner.

On the other hand, the Pro did his job for the day. After all, he did sell somebody something.


Things have not changed much over the years.

The smaller archery shops see so few new customers on a regular basis that they automatically presume that everyone who walks through their door is an uneducated consumer.

Even today, with all of my experience and knowledge when I walk into an archery shop the person behind the counter assumes an authoritative role and proceeds to tell me what is best for me.

And if they find out I am comparison shopping, then the BRAND-WAR is on!

Directly, I will thank them for their time and leave...it's only a 40 minute drive to the "Other-Guy's" pro-shop.

You simply cannot make a reasonable assessment when the people who are supposed to be helping you are closed minded...or desperate to make a sale.

It is appalling...but that is the way the industry has been set up.

To the point...


Spending a few minutes on Learn-Archery.com
will help you become well informed!

We give you all the information to make proper archery equipment choices that will be perfect for you and save you money.

Archery should be a fun and relaxing recreational pastime with friends or an exciting and rewarding day of competition.

If it is neither one, then the time and money invested is a total loss.

You do not have to settle for what ever the salesman is promoting if you are a member of the Learn-Archery.com community.

Why is it so important to select the proper size equipment?

At last!

You asked the right question...now your archery experience is more likely to be fun and rewarding.

There are a number of reasons why archery equipment MUST be properly fitted to the individual.

Think of your compound bow or recurve bow as a pair of running shoes.

If the shoe is too small, your feet will be FORCED to fit into the shoe. Your ability to run properly will be hindered.

Conversely, if your archery equipment is under sized, your body's ability to effectively manipulate the undersized bow is restricted to the confine or limitations of the bow.

Now if the shoe happens to be too large, your foot is going to shift around in the shoe which will cause painful blisters.

Your ability to run at your peak performance level is mired by a sloppy fitting shoe forcing you to compensate for the loose fit.

If your recurve bow is oversized then you are unlikely to realize the full stored energy and benefits of the bow and arrow.

If you happen to be shooting an oversized compound bow it will be impossible to land at the proper anchor position and you will not be able to shoot effectively.

These are just a couple of the real reasons that you must select proper archery equipment that fits you...and only you.

The impulse buyer will loose this game almost every time!

Too many people just want to get out and shoot and cannot be bothered by the process of selecting proper archery equipment no matter how simple the procedure really is.

They find the technical equipment selection process to be overwhelming, complicated or just plain boring.

The sad truth is that I have had to turn countless new archery enthusiasts away from lessons or private coaching more times than I care to mention.


I could spend hours with an individual and help them identify the best equipment for them based on their personal needs and budget, but when they get to the archery shop they still fall for what ever the "PRO" tells them.

There was a time that I took this personally until I came to terms with the fact that the salesman did not do their job OR the buyer made a purchase on impulse.

What are the most common mistakes that newbie's will make?

They will purchase a...

  • Bow with a draw weight that is too heavy (Over-Bowed).
  • Compound bow that cannot be adjusted to fit the archers draw length.
  • Recurve bow that is too small (Limbs stack and archer cannot reach the anchor point).
  • Recurve bow that is to large (Archer cannot achieve the desired power stroke).
  • Right handed bow when they needed a left hand bow.
  • Set of arrows that are over or under spine.

The point being, good quality archery equipment is not cheap...so making the correct choice from the get go is extremely important.

The process of identifying your correct gear is simple.

At Learn-Archery.com we will teach you the simple process and walk you through it step by step with a logical sequence.

When you are finished you will have real, useful and accurate information plus the confidence to make the best choices for you.

Let's get started...

Follow these simple steps to...


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